Thursday, December 28, 2006

35th Anniversary

This is always a busy season for Judy and I. Christmas over the years has become a time when we travel to visit our parents and see our own children. We are fortunate to have both sets of parents still alive. Although one daughter and her husband have moved to Gibsons, our other daughter, her partner, and our granddaughter live in South Delta.

We were married on December 28, 1971. This has been an amazing journey for us and with 35 years and counting under our belts, it is very likely that my first wife will also be my last one. Our wedding day was highlighted by an amazing blizzard and so was our 25th anniversary. I commented to my mom today that perhaps we are in the clear for Christmas blizzards for at least another 15 years... until our 50th.

New Years Eve will see us hosting our very good friends, the Waltons. It is our year to host, a tradition that has seen us go back and forth for many years. We have lost track of when we started this tradition, but it must have been around 1979 or 1980.

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