Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How much did I gain?

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. Despite the fact that is was in the hurricane ravaged Caribbean, our itinerary was changed so that we only visited ports that were either not hit, or were not hit too badly. Damage we saw was minimal and that was good to see. The weather was excellent except for one day when it poured with rain and that happened to be a day I had booked a photography tour so that turned out very poorly.

In a previous post I commented on having read that the average cruiser gains about a pound a day. We have cruised before and in the past I have been pretty close to that number so was thinking I would have to make changes to my onboard habits to avoid gaining too much.

Because of my learning about myself and my eating habits through my change to the Isagenix model of protein balancing and what I really needed to take in to satisfy myself, I lost about 40 pounds before the cruise. This had a number of effects on me. One was that I could comfortably sit on low lounge chairs and get up. That sounds pretty simplistic, but the reality is that before this cruise I would decline to do this. On the beach or on the deck of the ship I felt more comfortable. 

My Apple watch prompted me
to keep on task every day
Another change was that while I always set a goal to visit the gym and walk on the deck my goal would last for a day or so - maybe doing it again another day, but with no consistency. On this trip, I walked every day - sometimes on the deck, sometimes on the treadmill and sometimes both in the day. I also started to do some weight work in the gym and did that for at least 15 minutes a day. 

For meals I ate to a level of satisfaction. At home I never eat pastries in the morning, but on previous cruises I would have a couple. On this trip, none to start the day. I found I enjoyed fruit and muselix for breakfast and would have one egg and a bit of bacon every few days. I avoided toast on almost every day. For lunches, I would have salads and for dinner I ate what I needed of the food I wanted, not multiple helpings. I even enjoyed the burger bar a few times and the bbq place. We ate a couple of times in the value added restaurants and even enjoyed a dinner on our deck. From a food perspective nothing was really missed. We also had unlimited drink packages and enjoyed that with some degree of moderation. 
As far as Isagenix was concerned for this trip, we took some shakes to have on the way there and on the way back instead of buying in restaurants or on the plane or in the terminals. We took comfort and acelleration tablets, powdered cleanse and ionix extreme to have daily on the ship. 

It all worked.

I gained 2 pounds during the 18 days away and when we got home we both did a 2 day cleanse. I am now about a pound more than I was 3 weeks ago and I can easily live with that :)

Now to move forward. I still believe I have some weight to lose and I know that golf season is close to being over. Today I joined the local community centre and paid for three months in advance to convince me to bring my per visit cost down. 

I am a third of the way through my second Isabody 16 week challenge and I am feeling good about that too.

Cheers … Bob

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Here we go

Starting Saturday, we will be off the complete nutrition balancing program for just over two weeks. A number of weeks ago, I set a goal to be at 175 pounds by October 1, last Sunday. I have achieved that goal and will be enjoying our vacation at a starting weight of 170.4 pounds. I feel pretty good about this, even knowing that they say the average person on a cruise holiday will gain a pound or so a day.

I am hoping that some of the things I have learned about portion control and the types of food I will put on my plate will keep that number much lower.

Plus, being down so much in weight and having much better aerobic conditioning will give me more incentive to use the fitness facilities for some time every day. Yes I will enjoy sitting and laying in the sun, and yes we do have an UNLIMITED drink package and will go to some of the specialty restaurants, but I will be conscious of having a great time without the need to overindulge. 

So, I am going to take the next three weeks without making a effort to weigh in or take measurements. On October 24, three weeks from today, I will make the comparison.

Cheers ... Bob

Thursday, September 14, 2017

IsaBody Challenge

On May 25, after being on the modified nutrition program that Judy and I began for a while, I decided to start the 16 week IsaBody Challenge. There is no cost to the challenge, and there are prizes for those who complete the challenge.

I figured that doing this would be just one more step towards committing to make this change to my nutritional lifestyle. When this photo was taken on day one, I was 90.5 kg (199.5 lb).

Weigh in today and I am 79.1 kg (174.4 lb). I have also lost many inches in body measurement and dropped my pant size from a 42 to a 34.

I also have more energy in the day and can walk up and down stairs with significantly less pain in my knees.

The shakes and the cleanse days are the most significant factors in the change, but also a new attitude towards eating. I cook less quantity of food for the main meal of the day, am more conscious of the types of carbohydrates that I put onto the plate and make my snacks smaller and healthier. I do eat more often in the day as well.

Another contributing factor has been the amazing weather we have had for the past three months. After a dismal start to the year where little golf was played, the months of June to September have been glorious and I have been out on the course a lot, so increasing my walking.

I know that come the fall and the decline again in playing golf I will have to make some exercise changes and the idea right now is to start swimming, or exercising in the water, and visiting the gym again. In the past when I have gone to the gym it was only with short term goals, or no specific goals, in mind and this time I will have some.

In a few weeks Judy and I will be off on a two week cruise and I am conscious that I will be eating and drinking more. However, I am targeting to keep the really good food volume down and make better choices about the kinds of food and how often I take it in. There are many opportunities on a cruise to manage potential weight gain and these will be top of mind while still enjoying a great couple of weeks. Then, when back home again towards the end of October, back to the meal focus on the balanced nutrition and protein pacing with intermittent cleansing.