Friday, August 18, 2017


Two weeks ago I wrote about achieving a goal I set back in May. I had no timeline to reach the goal so I can't say I did it faster or slower than expected.

What I can say is that unlike when I have done diets in the past, I did not congratulate myself by going back to poor nutrition days. I am down more and now feel it is time to set another goal. I'm not sure how realistic it is to set a target date, but I'm going to make it October 1. From my iPhone image you can see my new weight, but also see the icon that shows I am in the moderately obese range for my height, age and sex. I want to get that into the green and I think that 175 pounds (another 3kg.) should do it.

I am getting a good deal of positive reinforcement about how I look physically with my new body shape. I'm feeling good about it and noticing how much less pressure I am putting on my knees which have suffered a lot over the years from playing sports and being overweight. The other day I even carried my own golf clubs for a round and am going to do it again today.

As golf season is beginning to wane, I plan to join the gym and be more committed to going and do what some friends have suggested with resistance training. I'll likely start using more of the program products that support activities such as weight training.

Another friend has suggested that I do a post writing up what it is I do in a day for food intake with the program I am on and I will consider doing that.

For now, I'm pleased to show off my almost flat belly!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

On to the next goal

In my first blog entry about my starting on the Isagenix program to improve my balanced and healthy eating I set a goal to achieve a weight of 185 pounds. I have had weight goals before and was joking with my doctor today that the last time I hit the goal I saw him for my annual physical. He asked me then what the plan was now that I had hit the goal. I told him it was to get a double cheese burger. I did, and the weight started to creep up because the "diet" was over.

Today, I saw him for this year's annual. I had seen him almost three months ago to run past this meal plan with him and he offered no critical comments and said to go for it if I wished. If I had any issues, I could make an appointment to get it checked out. It was perfect timing because I knew that almost three months would pass before seeing him again. Today, he was very complementary about my body changes. I am going to get a full blood screening next week and he expects I will see changes in my blood sugar. He said I might not expect much change in cholesterol as I have some hereditary issues, but we shall see.

And, I did not tell him I was heading out to get a double cheeseburger!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Inches vs Pounds

I got measured this morning and find it interesting that I have dropped 1.5 pounds in the last 12 days and a total of 6.5 inches. How did that happen? I know that because the weather here has been so good that I have played more golf and on non golfing days have chosen to take some walks to get to the store or simply around the neighbourhood. As well, our Community Centre has been offering "Twoonie" days during the week during their slow afternoon hours and I have started to drop in there a bit to work on improvement of balance and my core.

A couple of months ago before I was introduced to the program by my friend Kim, I was wearing size 42 shorts and feeling tight, considering moving to 44s. I joked with our golf pro Jim that the shorts for sale at the club seemed to be for people other than me. Now, I am wearing size 38 shorts and they are feeling a bit loose ... I may need to get some new ones and wondering if my next choice will be for size 36!

I actually do have a pair of Ian Poulter golf slacks that are a colour not many people would wear and are a 36. I put them on and they are a bit tight, but I may take them on our next cruise to wear on formal night 😉