Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting back to it

I'm working to get back in the game after my 2 week break for golfing and wine hunting.

Early last week, I was actually below my "start of holiday" weight, but despite being strict this past week I am up a pound. I believe some of it comes from my low activity level because I hurt my back 8 days ago and have had to give up golfing for a bit ... well not completely; the Scottish blood in me kicked in last weekend as I had prepaid for a tournament so went into it gingerly.

I played well on Saturday, but was very stiff on Sunday and had to take it easy. I did finish with the low net in my division!

In the online support group there are often messages that say it is not all about the weight and there are other important things to consider. Inches are one and I am pleased to note that I can wear some shorts for the summer I had put away last summer. For me, the more important factor is that I am finding I have some improvement - not yet as much as I would like - in my sleep and I do feel more energized throughout the day.

Great products for golf
From a product perspective, I am finding that the products I am using to support the shakes are great for golf. When I head out, I pack some to take along the way. I have even found that having a cleanse day works very well when I am golfing.

Of course, as I posted the other week on my FB page, you do need to watch for the crows as they love any kind of snacks.

So, it has been 34 days with 20 days on the program and 14 off. I've enrolled in the IsaBody challenge and have a dozen weeks left to go before my final measure-in, so, I'm into this for at least the next 12 weeks and probably longer. I want to look and feel good for the middle of October when another break comes ... two weeks on a ship in the Caribbean 😀😀😀.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Off task for two weeks

A week of Golf
Followed by a week of wineries

I had mentioned in an earlier blog that one of my mentors, Michael, encouraged me to get going on the Isagenix program before going on holiday rather than waiting to come home from it. I'm very glad I did as I wrote two weeks ago about my success with eating better for those days before leaving.

I spent a week in Peachland, BC and golfing in the Kelowna area for 6 days. My friends and I stayed in a fabulous B&B where the owner cooked really great breakfasts before we headed out to the golf courses. Rounds were fun and of course there was beer afterwards, though I tried to be conscious of what I ordered. I was careful with dinners as well, but it is tough :) to be with a bunch of male friends and not consume some beer and wine with dinner.

I did do a daily cleanse with a Comfort pill before bed in this week and started each day with the Ionix. There were no shakes for this week.

After the fellows left to go home, I went to Naramata to meet up with Judy and three other couples to do some winery visits, samples and purchases. Again, the daily cleanse and other products were used as well as Judy and I started each day with a shake. There was a morning hiking along the KVR and some of the closer wineries I walked to. We ate lunch at various wineries enjoying delicious meals ... again, trying to be conscious of holding down the calorie input. But the wine was taking care of that! Our dinners each day were browsing dinners with lots of veggies, but a lot of variety of cheeses and crackers and salami and ... well, you get the picture. Again, there was a good deal of wine consumed and a lot of good time with the friends we seldom see otherwise.

Today was a day to measure up the effects of the two weeks. I must say I have gained more weight per day when on a cruise ... however, I was up 6 pounds and I did gain back 4.65 inches.

Today is also the day to get back into the program and I am sure golfing, shakes, a bar, some E+, etc. will get me back on track again.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

After 8 days

Well, here is the snapshot from my scale ... down 11.4 pounds from last week's initial weigh-in. I know that there are many reasons why a change in diet can affect weight change, but I also know from what I have read that measurements on a scale are not the only factors to consider when you are trying to make changes.

The Isagenix program I am on also encourages measuring loss of inches in various places and this week has seen me lose 10.9 of those. Mind you, it is easier to get that number up since they have you measure in so many places including the arms, knees, calves and thighs. I'm speculating that they encourage you to measure there because they also recommend lots of exercise to grow some muscle in those areas. In my mid-section, I've lost and still have lots to go if I want to achieve some measurement goals.

I do want to send out thanks again to my friend Kim who inspired me to give this a go and to Michael who talked me through some ideas when I was considering starting. One thing I was concerned about was that I am heading away for a week of golfing with friends tomorrow and then a week of winery stops after that. I asked if I should not even start the plan until I returned. He encouraged me to start 8 days ago and this week I have developed a schedule to use some of the products while I am away and to consider what else I eat as being health smart.

With respect to other contributing factors, the weather has been much better this past week and I am getting out on the golf course with friends. On thing that the weight loss has done might sound like minor things, but I can bend easier to tie up my golf shoes, and bend easier to pick the ball out of the hole.

As well, I find the Isagenix online community on Facebook to be populated by many with strong goals and who are willing to share their successes, or the odd daily failure, which is good to read.

It will likely be more than a couple of weeks before my next bit of writing. Take care! Cheers ... Bob