Saturday, December 1, 2018

November Challenge - Done

My personal November challenge did not go 100%, but pretty darn close. 

I wanted to get rid of some midsection fat and convert some other to muscle so I set myself on as close to the 30 day plan as I could, even determined to cut out alcohol and greatly reduce cheese and cracker consumption.

I started Hallowe’en day by doing a cleanse and at night by cutting out candy … I gave it away at the door, but did not have any myself. I committed to doing a weekly cleanse and one week did a two day cleanse. On the 31st of October, I weighed in at 172.4 pounds, body fat 23.2% and muscle mass 28.8%. Today, I am 166.6 pounds with 22% body fat and 29.4% muscle mass.

I kept away from the alcohol for three weeks and then at a friend’s home for a visit and appetizers broke down and enjoyed a few drinks. Then a couple of days later I made risotto for dinner and my recipe includes some white wine so of course I had to open a bottle.

Another thing I did was rejoin our local community centre in the middle of the month and I visited the gym there a good number of times as well as the pool once. I also kept up my daily workout activity with 43 recorded workouts of more than 15 minutes … in fact, most of them were more than 30 minutes in length.

Now for the month of December. I plan to be careful of what I eat and drink this month and to keep up the exercise. My iPhone activity app has challenged me to complete 40 workouts in December and that will be a challenge worth going for to complete.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Week One Done

I decided to be more committed to my program for the month of November and one week in I am telling myself to keep it going for the whole month.

I had a conversation the other day with someone about weight measurement and inches measurement. Yes, I should be doing metric but the tools I have at the moment and those who follow my blog seem to understand Imperial measurement better. In any case, sometimes you wonder about the scale and whether you can accept the changes either up or down. Muscle weighs more than fat - and the eating program Judy and I are doing has a lot to do with protein pacing and trying to convert some fat into muscle.

I did lose inches this week as well as pounds.

Why do this 30 day commitment? With my leg keeping me from extra exercise and causing me to become a part time couch potato eating snacks, I have had to modify my workout goals and in the last few months I was developing some extra fat that I wanted to get rid of. So, back to a more consistent diet and keeping up with my walking and doing a bit of light weights here at home.

It is also time to strongly consider rejoining the gym and using the bikes and rowing machines that do not bother my leg as much as walking and the treadmill.

If you would like to explore the kinds of products we are eating you can visit my website on the Isagenix site.

Cheers ... Bob

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Take the challenge

I have been lax in getting to this page for too long.

Judy and I continue to enjoy the product and have success with our goals. For me, I injured the largest muscle in the human body (so I discovered from the doctor) the sartorius muscle and so have been unable to play golf or walk for extended periods in a day. I'm working on keeping my weight between 165 and 170 pounds but until the leg heals I'll be kept from getting back under that 165 mark.

Some people use the products we are using as a form of additional income, but that is a very small proportion of the users of Isagenix.

Judy and I don't. Oh yes, we have earned a few dollars from referrals, but nothing like a weekly or monthly or even quarterly bonus. What we do get is some of the product to "eat for free" by participating in the companies free challenge called the Isabody Challenge.

I am in the process of completing my 5th and after each one, I get a $200 credit for my account. Judy is completing her third, so, in a month or so we will have "earned" $1,600 in product simply for using it.

We don't use the products for income, but from month to month for close to a year and a half now for the results we are achieving.

Can you see the difference for me?

I'll be doing another photo in a few days when I submit for my latest challenge.