Thursday, September 14, 2017

IsaBody Challenge

On May 25, after being on the modified nutrition program that Judy and I began for a while, I decided to start the 16 week IsaBody Challenge. There is no cost to the challenge, and there are prizes for those who complete the challenge.

I figured that doing this would be just one more step towards committing to make this change to my nutritional lifestyle. When this photo was taken on day one, I was 90.5 kg (199.5 lb).

Weigh in today and I am 79.1 kg (174.4 lb). I have also lost many inches in body measurement and dropped my pant size from a 42 to a 34.

I also have more energy in the day and can walk up and down stairs with significantly less pain in my knees.

The shakes and the cleanse days are the most significant factors in the change, but also a new attitude towards eating. I cook less quantity of food for the main meal of the day, am more conscious of the types of carbohydrates that I put onto the plate and make my snacks smaller and healthier. I do eat more often in the day as well.

Another contributing factor has been the amazing weather we have had for the past three months. After a dismal start to the year where little golf was played, the months of June to September have been glorious and I have been out on the course a lot, so increasing my walking.

I know that come the fall and the decline again in playing golf I will have to make some exercise changes and the idea right now is to start swimming, or exercising in the water, and visiting the gym again. In the past when I have gone to the gym it was only with short term goals, or no specific goals, in mind and this time I will have some.

In a few weeks Judy and I will be off on a two week cruise and I am conscious that I will be eating and drinking more. However, I am targeting to keep the really good food volume down and make better choices about the kinds of food and how often I take it in. There are many opportunities on a cruise to manage potential weight gain and these will be top of mind while still enjoying a great couple of weeks. Then, when back home again towards the end of October, back to the meal focus on the balanced nutrition and protein pacing with intermittent cleansing.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A day of eating

This video will give you a bit of an idea why Judy and I have chosen the products from this company to modify our eating plan.

One of my friends asked me to share what a typical day using the products would look like so here is a pictorial diary of how I ate today. Judy was very similar in her eating today, choosing some different snacks, but essentially the same.

Getting up in the morning the first thing we take into our body is the Ionix Supreme. We take 2 oz. of this and according to the manufacturer, it "is a nutrient-rich tonic, featuring a blend of adaptogens designed to protect against the negative effects of stress." We are finding that it works well for us and is a good way to start the day. Sometimes we will have a second dose later in the day.

After taking this, I have my morning prescribed medication along with a pill they call Natural Accelerator. According the company it "uses natural ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, and cocoa seed to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism to help you burn fat".

Along with this Natural Accelerator, I have a shake. Today, I chose the IsaLean Pro Shake. This is their shake that has the highest concentration of Protein (36g) and it tastes great. Some days I will have their other flavours, French Vanilla, Strawberry or Vanilla. They have other lower value protein shakes, shakes that are dairy free and Kosher shakes so they have pretty much covered all the bases. I find that a shake will keep me from craving other food to take in until the lunch hour when I will have a second shake for the day.

If I want a snack in the morning or in the afternoon, I will choose from a number of options. We have not purchased all the snack options but I do like the chocolate flavoured Chewables. Judy is not a fan of those and likes the chocolate squares (not pictured). I have shown one of the dairy free bars that I like for snacks but not shown the peanut butter crunch ones that Judy likes a lot. We both like their whey things, both the BBQ and the White Cheddar Cheese ones.

Also in that photo is IsaComfort tablets that we take at night before bedtime. According to the company IsaComfort "contains gentle magnesium and cleansing herbs, which support improved water absorption for better colonic function ... helps improve digestion and soothe intestinal discomfort." Judy has had amazing results with the products and her improvement in digestion and other stomach issues has been the highpoint of her use ... even beyond the 30 pounds she has lost in the last four months.

And, finally dinner. I love to cook and tonight was a stir-fry full of vegetables, noodles and chicken. One of the things that was suggested to me before I started on this new nutritional plan was that I like to cook and eat and would likely quit soon, maybe even asking for my money back on their try it for 30 days plan. I still cook and we have a lot of variety in our meals. Most of the week there is meat in the menu, but I have also experimented with more vegetarian and vegan meals. There are no restrictions on alcohol as long as you moderate your drinking according to best practices and so we may have a glass of wine with dinner or something before or after dinner.

I have previously posted about some of the products I am using when out golfing, particularly when I have a cleanse day. Again, there is lots to choose from.

I hope that little snapshot of the things ingested in the day is helpful and that you can see that there is a lot of eating going on and no starving us.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Two weeks ago I wrote about achieving a goal I set back in May. I had no timeline to reach the goal so I can't say I did it faster or slower than expected.

What I can say is that unlike when I have done diets in the past, I did not congratulate myself by going back to poor nutrition days. I am down more and now feel it is time to set another goal. I'm not sure how realistic it is to set a target date, but I'm going to make it October 1. From my iPhone image you can see my new weight, but also see the icon that shows I am in the moderately obese range for my height, age and sex. I want to get that into the green and I think that 175 pounds (another 3kg.) should do it.

I am getting a good deal of positive reinforcement about how I look physically with my new body shape. I'm feeling good about it and noticing how much less pressure I am putting on my knees which have suffered a lot over the years from playing sports and being overweight. The other day I even carried my own golf clubs for a round and am going to do it again today.

As golf season is beginning to wane, I plan to join the gym and be more committed to going and do what some friends have suggested with resistance training. I'll likely start using more of the program products that support activities such as weight training.

Another friend has suggested that I do a post writing up what it is I do in a day for food intake with the program I am on and I will consider doing that.

For now, I'm pleased to show off my almost flat belly!