Tuesday, January 2, 2007

First work day of the new year

Meeting with staff this morning was interesting as we explored some of the directions we are going with our classroom servers, some of the infrastructure we want to grow over the next few years (wireless), some of the user directions we want to be prepared for (student and staff bringing their own computers), and the ways that we, personally, can support these initiatives.

Recently I have been a bit discouraged by the progress being made towards making some real and positive changes to the way our staff uses the technology in the support of students learning. I was encouraged (?) to discover that I am not alone in this feeling... others in similar positions to mine are feeling the same way. For example, Will Richardson writes about this in his blog entry for January 2, 2007.

For those visually inclined I copied this image from a blog written by Kathy Sierra.

From where I sit, the progress we are making towards change is well characterized by this image.

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