Saturday, March 10, 2007

1993 CBC Report

I was a partner at Advantage Computers, an Apple reseller in British Columbia. I recall in the early 1990s when our lead graphics technologist, Paolo Bertoia, came to tell me what he was learning about the World Wide Web, something he thought was pretty cool and something that being used by academics, researchers, and scientists around the world giving them a new way of communicating. It was quite fascinating and I since I already had a history using email and newsreaders, it was only natural that I started to explore the web.
Tonight I ran across this video on YouTube which is a news report that ran on the CBC, the National Broadcasting company in Canada. As I work with Junior High students, it amazes me that some of them were born in 1993. I wonder if any new technologies were reported in on 1950 when I was born.

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