Sunday, March 4, 2007

It only takes one

On Friday I was working with some students talking with them about internet safety and presenting some scenarios to them regarding passwords and disclosure of personal information. With one group of grade 5 and 6s I let them know that I had visited their PICZO sites and they were surprised by that. It confirmed my belief that many students do not realize how public the web is and the tracks they leave behind for others to follow.

Just before the end of the day, one boy came to me to say thanks for bringing this forward. He had recently been "featured" on a boy of the month page and his picture had been posted their without his permission. Both complimentary and uncomplimentary things had been said about him on this page. He was able to talk to the author of the page and let her know how he felt about this. She apologized and said that she would remove the page that night.

It takes only one event like this to make me feel good about a day of workshops with kids.

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