Tuesday, March 6, 2007

POC - Principal on Call

One of the fun things I get to do in this semi-retirement of mine is fill in for some principals when they are away. Today I got to go to a school where I last was the principal 7 years ago. This isn't my first time back, but today was fairly typical of the days I used to spend there. Here is my note to the principal to summarize the day.

It was a great day today at *******!

Had fun with the morning announcements. You might like to announce tommorow that no one was the winner of the IPod Video for correctly identifying two things that Al Pacino, Tiger Woods, Hans Christian Anderson, and Robin Williams have in common. Mr. Cotter says, "Better luck with your research next time!"

***** spent a bit of time with me first thing this morning. He had a bit of a run in with ******* so we worked on Math and chatted about situational behaviour. I think he learned a bit of math from me, hopefully a bit of the other rubbed off too. He was back in class after recess and I touched bases with both *** and *** at lunch. His afternoon went fine too. No follow up required.

*** came to me just before school with a "scratch in his throat from something he smelled outside". I gave him a drink of water and it magically went away. At recess he wasn't sure water would work again, and sure enough, it didn't. He wanted to talk with mom so I phoned ****, explained the situation, and she gave him some TLC over the phone. He came back again at lunch and I showed him some pictures from the internet of a boy with swollen glands and told him that was what was wrong with him ... or that, like me, he had a sore throat. A brief chat with mom again. Later on he laid down in the medical room and went to sleep. I better check to see if he has gone home! Nice little guy.

Enjoyed the warm sun outside at recess, it clouded over a bit... a few very minor, "he said, she said", "they're spying on us, no they are"... all resolved without any undue pain. I forgot to tell you about the kids the other day who came to tell me about some others who were near the teacher's desk and they weren't supposed to be. I asked them if they told the other kids that and to move away. They said they did and the others moved, but that they had been punished for that before and thought I might like to punish these new transgressors... love grade 1s.

I covered for **** for about 40 minutes in the afternoon so she could meet with **** the specialist you have visiting. Great fun working with those kids and their literacy projects.

Did a bit of work with ****'s group, I recorded them doing some audio in GarageBand, and vistited all the classrooms at some time or other.

Taught ***** (the admin assistant) a couple of new tricks... she's a keeper.

Hope you had a good day.

And the day was over almost as fast as it started. Of course, I got away without paperwork, parent conferences, meetings, etc. But, that is why I am semi-retired.

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