Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Raising awareness about cyberbullying

Wes Fryer reported in one of his blog entries today, Cyberbullying and Death Threats a link to a blog entry by Kathy Sierra her recounting of how she has been bullied and harrassed in an organized attack over the past four weeks. Follow this link to read more, but be aware, the content is graphic.

A number of prominent bloggers are working hard to spread the idea that this Friday, March 30, should be a day for all bloggers to recognize the need to Stop Cyberbullying.

I work with many students and speak to parents about cyberbullying and I plan to recognize this day and support the idea in my blog post on Friday. Reading Kathy's account of the threats made against her and the fear she has of not only continuing to blog, but to even step out of her home has me thinking even harder about how to get the message of ethical use of the internet across to my students.

If you are a blogger who reads this, I would encourage you to follow the links and join this effort on Friday.

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Canadian mom said...

Thanks Bob for bringing this to our attention. I will be participating in the stop cyber bullying day on Friday.