Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A teacher uses the computer as a tool

I had no sooner read David Warlick's blog post titled Are computer's a tool? when I discovered a series of sites developed by a math teacher doing just that.

Darren Kuropatwa is a senior math teacher at a high school in Winnipeg Manitoba. He has been using Web2.0 tools to support his instruction.

His main blogsite is: A Difference. This appears to be his primary reflection site where he talks about the use of software and hardware tools (such as the SmartBoard) during and following his class.

He has a podcast site set up at: MathCast Central. This site is created using iWeb and the files are stored on his school district server. The servers we have at our highschools and at our tech office could host a site like this. What you discover by going to this page is his experimental work with one of his classes that he records on a daily basis as a podcast for later review by his students or other interested parties. He has had some challenges with this work, and it is interesting to hear how he is working through this.

His class blog is: Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '07). I find this really cool. He has the students in his classroom as partners in this blog, each having the permissions to make postings. I've seen this done before, but what I find most interesting with Darren's implementation is that he has students assigned the task of scribing the class, taking images from the SmartBoard, and posting a daily summary of each class.

Very cool. I'd like to review these pages with some of our teachers to see if there is interest in a similar project that I could support from the corner of my office.

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