Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cell phone research

Here is was sitting at my computer doing some paperwork when one of our tech's cellphones buzzed. "It's a text message." he said. And he added he has no idea how to use text. One of our other techs who routinely communicates by text with her daughter showed him how to access the message. It was a request for assistance from his daughter who was sitting in her history class and needed a song from the Vietnam era.

We quickly did a bit of research for her... finding Animals - We Gotta Get Out of this Place for her and sent this URL as a text back to her.

Now to my mind, this is a student who has learned how to work with outside sources for her research and found a way to get an answer without the use of a school computer. I wonder if her cell is capable of browsing the net and what the implications would be for her doing that in class with an open wireless network.

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