Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A week to combat cyberbullying

I was at a meeting today and discovered that this is bullying awareness week.

One of my colleagues at the meeting gave a quick tour of a great site with lots of ideas for teachers to use with their students to explore this topic.

Visit the website at: http://www.bullyingawarenessweek.org/. This site is a creation of the developers of cyberbullying.ca. The theme is Stand Up to Bullying and there are activities for every day of the week.

I gather that the Langley School District in British Columbia has organized challenges for its schools to compete with one another over the week. Good for them!

Having browsed through a number of the activities, I can see that all of them can be used at other times in the year, even if you don’t participate this week.


Cristina Costa said...

Hi Bob,
thanks for sharing.
This is definitely a very important issue these days that all educators and parents should be aware.
Once again it take us to the topic that more than ever we need to teach our kids the core values of society in order to create responsible and respectable individuals.

rddietrich said...

Hi Bob,
Bullying is of concern on many school campuses these days -including the school that I teach in. Awareness is the first step to combat this problem. Thanks for passing this along.