Monday, February 11, 2008

Would it make any difference?

You can probably tell from looking at this photo that each of the students in the class has a laptop computer to work with.

Can you tell me what you would think about having a laptop for you to use in your classroom?

Can you also think about how having a laptop to use would make a difference in your learning?

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Raun said...

We grade fours think the idea of having a laptop for each of us is marvelous. One benefit is the independence a laptop could bring. We could use the teacher less and the computer more for information. This could free up the teacher to help others. With our own laptops the computer lab would be open to other classes and larger projects. Our room would also be less cluttered because of fewer text books, duotangs, and paper. Taking care of such technology would help build responsibility. With so many options for learning, a student would be more engaged. It would also be beneficial to have up to date information at our finger tips, instead of the old text books that clutter our shelves. But the bottom line has to be, laptops would make learning even more fun and relevant.