Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pay at the pump

Pay at the pump
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I took this photo as part of my project for the year and some questions i might ask students about it (depending on grade)

1) How much did I pay per litre for the gas?
2) I had to "pay at the pump" You can see the note in the picture. Why do I have to do this? What has happened to make some cities or other government bodies pass such a law?
3) I earned PetroPoints for this purchase. What are these? Can you name some other companies that give points for purchases? Do your families have any of the "loyalty card" programs? Why would a company have such a program?
4) If the gas had cost another 10 cents a litre, how much would I have had to pay?
5) Can you find a site on the internet that would let you input the number of litres I purchased and return the number of gallons?
6) What is the currency difference today between US$ and CDN$? How much would my purchase have been in US$? How much per gallon would that have been?
7) Can you think of any reasons why gas is so much more expensive in one country or the other? Where in the world do you think gas is most expensive.

I'm sure there are lots more.... have fun if you do this exercise and if you do, send me a comment to say how it worked out.

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