Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolving a VoiceThread issue

Off and on since I have been using Voicethread, I've collected links of projects I've thought were interesting to share with staff. Sometimes, though, I'll click on the link, the project will say loadiing, and then I'll be dumped to my own main page. This has been frustrating and I finally decided to look in to it.
In the Voicethread Ning group there is a discussion, Share your threads. Lori Feldman posted this link to what looked like would be an interesting project that I could share with our Special Ed teachers, but I ran in to the stall issue. I let her know, but it sounded like others were able to make the connection.
A day or so later there was another project I could not access - acting in the same way. I follow @voicethread on Twitter, so I asked a question about it. The response was that the project opened fine for him. Puzzled, I created a small screencast of what was happening for me and posted it to my Voicethread account. That smalll posting can be found here. Soon after posting and letting @voicethread know what I had done, he responded with a quick Twit back to me and also created a more detailed response to my issue. I know this solution will be very helpful as we get to the point of publishing more projects publicly and I want to ensure that the URL we give out is one that will work well with Safari as well as other browsers. I gather from his response that this is a bug that they are working on.

Oh yes... if you are using Safari, you can get to Lori's project with this link.

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Ed Shepherd said...

It is great to see how developing a PLN helps generate solutions quickly when we need help. It is hard to imagine why more people haven't utilized them.