Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Taken in macro mode, so not really as big as they look. Disappointing this year ... only this one bunch and no real growth. It kind of relates, though, to thinking I've been doing about assessment. From my perspective, the best way to look at assessment with students is growth ... how much have they grown during the year, not what grade they are in. And, what contributes to their growth. In the case of the grapes, environment is important, as is input from the grower, care, monitoring and adjusting conditions. In the case of students, are things much different? When a student shows little growth, do we think about why? As students are progressing, do we consider how the growth is affected by their environment both at school and at home, by their learning styles in comparison to the teaching style of the instructor, by the monitoring and adjusting of their work and assignments based on success or difficulty. Will this thinking make a difference for the grapes next year? I don't know. Will it make a difference with some of the students I'm working with this year? I hope so.

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