Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gluten Free

My wife is currently on a "Freeway to Fat Loss 21-Day Detox" programme and this is the last week. It has been interesting to follow her on the journey as she has led up to the final week which started today. I've had a chance to experiment with a few different cooking ideas including tonight's dinner.

Tonight I cooked Tilapia filets. Tilapia is a very nice white fish. I took a Chinese food component out of the cupboard - Water Chestnut flour. It is gluten free, but a bit like a chunky cornstarch. I have used it before as a thickener, but tonight I put it in the food processor with a bit of cayenne and ground it to a much more flour-like texture. After dipping the fish in egg, I coated the tilapia with the flour and put back into the fridge for an hour.

I decided I was going to serve the fish with Quinoa. My wife had been told by her coach that fish with quinoa was an okay thing in line with the food combinations she was to eat in the programme.

For the quinoa I created a dressing with the juice from a lemon, lemon rind, olive oil, sliced shallot, mustard and parsley.

I pan fried the fish (4 minutes a side) in some olive oil into which I had dropped a bit of butter. I waited for the butter to just start to brown and then put in the fish. For an accompaniment I sliced some cucumber and had some small onions which I drizzled in a bit of the dressing.

The only downside for Judy was that I opened a bottle of one of her favourite wines, an 8th Generation Pinot Gris. At the point of calling her to the table, she saw the wine and said it was not on her list for this week - no alcohol. Oh well, I know the wine won't keep for a week.

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