Thursday, August 3, 2017

On to the next goal

In my first blog entry about my starting on the Isagenix program to improve my balanced and healthy eating I set a goal to achieve a weight of 185 pounds. I have had weight goals before and was joking with my doctor today that the last time I hit the goal I saw him for my annual physical. He asked me then what the plan was now that I had hit the goal. I told him it was to get a double cheese burger. I did, and the weight started to creep up because the "diet" was over.

Today, I saw him for this year's annual. I had seen him almost three months ago to run past this meal plan with him and he offered no critical comments and said to go for it if I wished. If I had any issues, I could make an appointment to get it checked out. It was perfect timing because I knew that almost three months would pass before seeing him again. Today, he was very complementary about my body changes. I am going to get a full blood screening next week and he expects I will see changes in my blood sugar. He said I might not expect much change in cholesterol as I have some hereditary issues, but we shall see.

And, I did not tell him I was heading out to get a double cheeseburger!

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