Sunday, April 8, 2007

A great day for golf

Friends of ours who were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary drove up to BC from Yakima, WA to attend a concert and to play some golf with us. Our group is part of a larger internet contingent of golfers who participate in a chat group online and get together a few times a year to visit face to face. Our day at Northview Golf Course, playing on the Canal Course, was excellent. A brief sprinkling of showers just as we were teeing off was soon followed by overcast skies and relatively warm temperatures. The sun even popped out from time to time, a contrast to this dreary Easter Sunday morning with the rain coming down. Low scores are not the primary consideration when playing with anyone from the internet group. Sharing stories and building new friendships is the key.

I've participated in internet newsgroups for many years. If you have not and wondered what they were all about, join one or two. I'm sure you can find something that meets your interest, and, you may make some new friends as a result.

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