Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ian Jukes on keyboarding

Many years ago when I was doing computer in-service training as a Professional Development Associate for the BC Teachers' Federation, I worked with a fellow teacher, Ian Jukes. Ian and I lost track of one another and met again a couple of years ago at a conference. His life has certainly taken a different road than mine, as he now travels on the conference circuit doing workshops and keynote presentations for hundreds and thousands of educators.

Last week I was visiting a school in our district and one of the questions (in a long list of questions) they had for me was how to best use the installed typing tutor software and to make recommendations for alternative software to use. We didn't get to that question, and one of my ideas for them would have been to use standard text editing software to meet this goal.

I was pleased today to run across the follow video from Ian and I present it for your consideration.

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