Sunday, May 13, 2007

Made my Day

As a teacher, and certainly as a principal, you don't always enjoy the respect of all the students you will encounter in your career. In one of my many past assignments I both taught and administered at a school. One particularly difficult student was a very angry young man and I had a difficult time working with him. Long after my leaving that school, it was clear that I was not someone he respected. A week or so ago, he flagged me down as I was leaving a parking spot. He is now nearing adulthood and he wanted to both apologize and thank me for the discipline I tried to impart those many years ago. He said he felt that he would not be where he is today, on the road to success, without the constant effort on my part to get him moving down the right path. I thanked him for telling me that and we shook hands. He moved on down the street and I went to my first tech meeting of the day with a huge sense of professional satisfaction.

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