Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dad and Me ... 5 days later.

Five days later and I'm back at, staying overnight with dad at the hospital. This time it was different. He had responded well to the treatments provided by the medical staff and definitely knew me when I arrived at 11 pm last night... problem was, he was excited to see me because he thought I was there to take him home! Well,needless to say we went back and forth for the next 9 hours as he tried in vain to convince me he did not belong in the hospital and that I wasn't being his "number 1 son" by not acceding to his wishes. During that 9 hours he slept for, at most, an hour in 5 minute or so fits. It is tough to see him this way. I like to remember him more as he is pictured here taken at a family gathering 18 months ago, and pray that once he recovers fully and is discharged we will have fun days like this again. He has barely had a chance to get to know his great grandchildren. Thanks to brother Barry and nephew Shane for taking care of these night shifts and to my sister Corilee and other family members (including mom) who are standing by, keeping him company 7/24.

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