Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dad and Me

Dad went to the hospital this past weekend and I travelled to town to be with him last night. I guess when you are 84 years old, things just start to happen. For dad, they actually started to happen some time ago, but now things seem to be coming to crossroads. My mom is amazingly strong… for some couples I guess that just happens when you have been married for 60 years. My brothers and sister live closer to dad and have taken the load off mom so many times. I love and appreciate them for this. I can't be with dad every day. Last night, he didn't seem to know that I was with him in the alcove at the hospital, but I held his hand, he held mine (when he wasn't trying to get at the catheter and other things) and I talked as loudly as I could to him, knowing that his deafness and the volume I could sustain with other patients nearby probably didn't make a great match. Lots of things going on for our family these days. I just need to maintain my trust in God that he has a plan that makes sense.

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