Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My thoughts about the current situation with government in Canada

Quite frankly I get rather annoyed at the concern being expressed by the talk show call-ins and the news "man on the street" interviews that suggest that what is happening politically today in Canada is "treason" or "unconstitutional" or "undemocratic".

Far from that, what is going on is well within the constitution and well within the democratic processes we have in place,

I have no quarrel with folks who express the opinion that this is the wrong way about going about things... though I disagree with them.

I wrote a comment from a hotel somewhere (I'll plead oldtimers since I can't remember which one) where I was in a lounge watching the leadership debate. I recall commenting on the fact that the leader of the Conservative Party refused to comment on the financial state of the country and seemingly had no interest in presenting the plan for his party to address this.

Consequently the debate turned into what other commentators felt was an attack on Harper ... a ganging up of sort. Responses to my stated opinion supported those who said that Harper was unduly maligned in that debate. I continued to question his approach to the campaign and eventually voted against the Conservative candidate in my riding.

When Parliament was called, I was itching for some leadership from our Prime Minister. I had not voted for his party, but I have a clear understanding of government and recognize him as the country's leader. Needless to say, he disappointed me, and that evening I reflected on my opinion formed during the leadership debate.

For me the issue of the formation of a coalition government is a non starter with respect to the constitution.

For me, the issue is, What would I do if I was the Governor General?

I think the Governor General should not allow the coalition government to be formed... as legal as that might be. Instead, I think we, as voters, should be sent back to the polls, and if we elect in the same way we did a few weeks ago, we should then allow the GG to let a coalition govern. A minority government, under the Conservatives, with their current (nil) economic policies, cannot succeed.

My 2 cents.

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