Sunday, March 1, 2009

A February of mixed events

What a month. As January ended and February began, I was seriously involved with school district work. We are going to kick off BCeSIS in the fall for our secondary schools and there is no shortage of work to be done, but it comes in waves. As the first week rolled on, I was looking more and more forward to our week in Mexico. The week ended and off we went, arriving in Nuevo Vallarta on the 8th, the day before my birthday. No work computer with me at all, and next to no plans to visit any internet cafes. The resort was nice and the weather was almost perfect. I enjoyed my birthday and Valentines day as well. On the morning of the 15th, our day to return, I started not feeling so well, but fortunately the wait at the airport, the flight and ferry ride home were relatively uneventful. I didn't get fully into illness until that night.

The next 12 days would find me mostly in bed, the bathroom, or on the couch. By the 27th, I had lost 21 pounds. Though I had tests the results are not yet known, but obviously this was no flu. The past couple of days I've felt better, a bit weak, and plan to go to work tomorrow, at least for as long as I feel okay.

Here is my February collection of photos. I did manage to keep up with my photo a day, even though it meant a lot of them were indoors, shot out the window, or in the back yard.

I did get some shots of the grandchildren, subjects I noted I missed last month. When I feel better, I'll post more Mexico photos to Flickr.

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