Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March through pictures

My daily photo project continues and below you will find a slide show of things that caught my eye for March.

You will see some signs of Spring, though this morning on awakening we were greeted with some snow on the ground and snow showers falling. Nothing too serious, though, and most was melted throughout the day. You will also note some birthdays were celebrated as Eibhlin turned 4 and her dad, Elias, turned 33. Eibhlin shares a birthday with our other daughter, Bridie, and we were pleased to have Bridie, John, and Mira join us for the celebration. Two colleagues at work celebrated 60th birthdays as you will see in one of the photos, and, I did get out to golf a couple of days during the month. There are a few shots of "analog" events at the schools. Not all good learning is digitally directed, that's for sure. A nice couple of days was spent with friends in Vancouver and there are a couple of shots noting that.

I really need to spend a bit more time and effort recording some of the school / tech related things going on. Hopefully the next entry won't simply be my April slideshow!

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Is there something wrong with my borrowed laptop, Bob? I'm sure your images are lovely, but I don't see anything here! :-(