Thursday, September 17, 2009

New learning

What a wonderful day today.

Our tech department has decided to upgrade servers to Leopard and has, for the most case, kept things pretty stable as to the way things operate. However, we did choose one school to pilot with using many of the wonderful features of the Leopard server. The school we chose was one that had a small number of teachers, a group of teachers who are not highly knowledgeable about networking, and who were willing (at least their principal was) to participate in a pilot program.

Today we (me and one of my fabulous techs) did an inservice training with them. Best part, my budget paid for them to get released during the school day.

It went, from my perspective, wonderfully and I expect to spend much more time, starting next week, with them going through the network setup for their students, special "Other" logins, etc.

Love it.

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