Saturday, September 12, 2009

First week of 2009/10 done

It was quite the week for our tech department, responding to numerous phone calls and email requests for help and fixes.

One thing about working in the summer on new and exciting projects for our schools is that we are relatively unencumbered by staff. Yes, we do have to work our way around the maintenance crews and this summer our work centre in Gibsons was closed for 6 weeks due to some issues. That said, there is nothing like having all your "clients", students, teachers, admin staff, etc. back in gear, trying out some of the things you worked on. While we felt that our conversion to Leopard servers was good, we did find some interesting issues that we now need to address.

My team works incredibly hard to support learning and I'd like to say a big thanks to Chris, Kim, and Layne. I'd also like to thank Kathy for coming in from time to time during the summer. Kathy is my admin assistant, but unfortunately she got bumped at the end of the year by someone with seniority when cuts came. That person decided not to take the job - went somewhere else - and now Kathy has to reapply. Decisions about the position will be made next week. Hopefully she gets the position back.

One other big job over the summer was getting ready for a new district wide library system - Destiny by Follett. Records have been converted for 9 of our 13 schools and training is next week. Should be interesting!

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