Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Facebook Status to Wordle

I created this page in Wordle from the text of my Facebook status updates since August, 2008 - as far back as Facebook has archived the status updates.

To do this, I used a Facebook application called Facebook Status which captured the history. It has its own representation features you can use, but I wanted to put mine in to Wordle so I needed to slightly modify the text I had captured.

I pasted the text in to MSWord so that I could use a search and replace command to change the instance of the : to a tab. There are two colons in every line, used in the time and the date of the update.

After the replace was completed, I copied the text again and pasted it in to Excel which recognized the three columns separated by tabs. I deleted the time and the date columns, leaving me with just the column of text. That column I copied, went to Wordle, pasted, and voila - my status update wordle document.

I hope you enjoy this if you give it a try.

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