Monday, April 26, 2010

Parental influence

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I got this sent to me the other day by my mom who was looking through some storage at her home. It was with some other small things my dad had kept from his working days. I suspect that is some kind of chip inside the plastic - the disc is 3 cm in diameter.

Dad spent some of his career programming computers, though he did not work for IBM. I remember growing up, sitting at the dining room table, talking with him as he wrote code. At one time he was in charge of a small comany and his programmers wrote the code for the first implementation of banking interest calculated on the minimum daily balance. This was adopted at first by the Credit Union movement in British Columbia. He used to joke about how the interest was rounded off to the lowest whole penny and how much "decimal penny" money there was on a daily basis.

Dad gave me my initial interest in computers and programming. He also gave me the idea that working at home, having a strong work ethic for your employer, was a good thing. Thanks, Dad.

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