Friday, April 23, 2010

What do you think?

This is a bit of an unusual post for me ... more a question looking for feedback from my cooking friends.

In a couple of weeks I will be cooking a birthday dinner. I'll be cooking it in Naramata BC, not in my house, and I will be in a situation where I am not sure what kind of shopping I will be able to do that day. There will be 8 at the dinner.

I have a menu in mind, having found out that I will have access to a bbq. I plan to do pork tenderloin on the bbq, served with double baked potatoes, and a caesar salad. I know that I can do the potatoes in advance and freeze them, reheating on the bbq or in an oven which is in the rental house. I know, too, that I can take the ingredients for the salad dressing in advance (not so sure about the eggs) and probably cheat with a bag of Romaine lettuce that I take there in a cooler that has a long expiry date. For dessert I plan to do Grand Marnier parfaits. I know I can freeze these too for the trip as I expect there to be a fridge/freezer in the house.

What I want to do, though, is think about preparing the tenderloins in advance, doing my usual brine, coat in dijon mustard and my dry rub.

Do you think I can do that in advance and freeze the tenderloins at that point, or, should I simply freeze the tenderloins and hope for a couple of hours prep time to do the brining and coatings?

Your thoughts?

I know, a weird blog post.

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MrsE said...

I know that eggs will keep unrefrigerated for some time. We used to do week long canoe expeditions and carried the eggs in a carton strapped under the seats. I wouldn't be worried about them unless it is very hot. Just make sure they have no cracks in them when you buy them. If you can get them fresh from the hen so much the better.
As for the tenderloin, why risk not having the time when you get there. Do as much pre-trip prep as you can. Sounds like a great dinner.