Monday, June 7, 2010


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Was I ever surprised this afternoon.

I was at the golf course for an event between our club (Roberts Creek) and the one in Pender Harbour. It was a really fun event and there was a late lunch afterwards.

I went to phone Judy to tell her I would be home later than expected for dinner as the event was running into overtime. I already had dinner planned and she was fine with the delay.

In the larger banquet room, I saw one of my Principal friends and she was decorating, so I asked her what was up. She said there was a group getting together to celebrate another principal's return to the classroom. She apologized for not thinking to invite me, but I said that was fine, I'd drop in to say hi to John after our luncheon before going home.

Well ... it turned out the the event was for me ... a surprise retirement event and there were teachers, support staff, principals, board office staff, the Superintendent, and a member of the board who all came to wish me well in my retirement. Here I was dressed in my golf clothes, with hat hair after playing 18 holes.

It was a wonderful time with some very nice things said, including some roasting stories that were fun to hear. This photo is one of the gifts I was given, partly to commemorate a little workshop I had done with the principals - and had done in many classrooms - on Wordle. They had solicited some words that would describe me, and then had it printed and laminated. It was a wonderful gift.

I feel quite humbled by it all, but wanted to take a shot of it to use as my photo of the day.


M Coleman said...

Well deserved, my Flickr friend! Enjoy it all - the Wordle is a terrific memory to keep!

K. Onarheim said...

How fantastic! They really pulled it off and surprised you too!. I too think very much deserved and what a great memory to have for the occasion. It is the people we meet on the path, whether they walk a short distance or longer with us that make a difference. Congratulations - your path is blessed.

susanvg said...

Lovely story and know that you are appreciated across the country.