Saturday, December 11, 2010

LensHero - a review

Among Twitter, Facebook, and my e-mail I can't really say how many free offers, special gifts, and requests I get in a week. Yesterday I came across one that I though might be looking at because I had some respect for the sender. Disclaimer, I'm writing this review of the LensHero site, partly because there is something in in for me … a free shirt, and maybe even a free lens. Of of the lenses is the same one that I purchased for my daughter for Christmas last year. Having been to many conferences where I have received free shirts, I'm sure my wife will appreciate this.

LensHero is a site you can visit to search, or get recommendations, for a lens for your camera. One of the first things I liked about the site when I first went there was seeing the little Canadian flag that lit up to let me know pricing would be in my currency.

Input your model of camera, use a sliding scale to select your budget, and give a style or zoom range and the site will make a suggestion from a number of different lens makers that fit those needs. I input my camera type (Canon EOS Rebel Xsi) from a pop down which appeared as soon as typed the word Canon. I selected a budget of up to $600 and using a graphic selector indicated Telephoto for style. Pressing the Go button brought me to a choice of 30 lenses within that budget range, and a good description of each lens. I chose the 4th suggestion, the Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, clicked on that link and got to a page with some reviews of the lens, pros and cons, more detail as to compatibility and specifications, and even an area for end user discussion of the lens. This page also made the recommendation that a purchase could be made on at a price of $598.34. Clicking on that link to me to the Amazon page for the lens.

I noted the little Canadian flag with respect to pricing. Because I did not place an order, I can't confirm that was the case - though it probably was. One thing I noted was that playing with the search functions seemed to bring me to Amazon or B&H Photo. I'm thinking that at this early stage of the development of the site they don't yet have a supplier in Canada, so cross border shopping would be required.

While I haven't covered all the search options at the site, I can say they are simple and fun to use. It does generate a lot of ideas for future purchases and I will most certainly return.


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