Saturday, January 1, 2011

On to 2011 - but first a look back


January saw me start the year with some great intentions and while I did not meet my goal, I did much better than the year before, putting in some work every month. Not sure what 2011 will be like in this respect as I have a few other challenges to begin the year, but we'll see.


February was the month that British Columbia welcomed the world to the 2010 Olympic Games. While not a fan of this event for social reasons (plus there not being track and field:), I did take the time to welcome the torch runners to our small town.

Tough Lie

In March one of my lovely granddaughters found a love for golf thanks to the set of clubs we gave her for her birthday. Though too young to get out much this year, that will certainly change in the coming years.


Though retired from so many great years as an educator, I did get a chance to get back in the system from time to time. Here I was, in April,  teaching the teacher an alternate way to demonstrate learning by using a favourite program, ComicLife.

Tough shot

In May we made our as annual as possible trip south to play golf with a set of friends I have met over the net. This get together is a highlight of the year. Thanks, Scotty, for your hard organizational work.

Day two

My daughter, Chelsie, had a dream plan start to come together in June with the signing of a lease and the beginning of putting together Giggle'N'Bloom, a maternity to age nine store in Gibsons. 

Caddie holds the pin

In July while Eibhlin took some lessons, Caia went along to help me out retrieving pitch shots and stuff. It will be a lot of fun for us if both girls end up enjoying this sport.

In the hole

In August I had a chance to watch a Pro event, moving around the course, keeping out of the way, and shooting some photos. This was part of a multi shot sequence or one of the competitors (and our club Pro) hitting and sinking a sand shot.

Outside at Giggle 'n Bloom waiting to go to school

September marked a milestone with Eibhlin going to Kindergarten and becoming part of our public school system.

Lake - Canon Xsi

In October I worked a bit at Pender Harbour Elementary-Secondary school. With weather like we were having, travelling the Coastal Highway in my Miata with the top down was just plain extra special.


Those who know me will be surprised that I have waited to November to post a foodie photo. There were so many fine meals this year, and I had so many to choose from. I just love to cook.


December has been something else. Thanks to the love and support of Judy, not only showing it to me, but also to other members of the family. The month, the year, the past 39 years have been so wonderful for me. Here's to 2011 being a great year for us.


Diane Hammond said...

Love your retrospective Bob, (and yes, I was surprised there weren't more food pics involved)! All the best to you, Judy and your family in the new year ahead. You have such a great outlook and sense of humour, you'll handle your challenges, not as hurdles, but more as speed bumps :-)

mbarclay said...

So nice to see "Cotter's Corner". You are such an amazing man and never fail to impress me with your expertise in so many activities. I am just waiting for you to blow us out of the water with how quickly you recover from your latest "speed bump" as the previous friend commented. Again, best wishes for the New Year to you and your beautiful family.

God Bless you all, Marie

Anonymous said...

Nice retrospective, Bob.
I just wish Gibsons was a wee bit closer to Oakland, or vice versa :-)
All the best to you, Judy and the clan for 2011.

Peter the Old Guy

M Coleman said...

Great job on the retrospect! You selected some of my favorite photos, too! Can't wait to see what you post for the 2011 year end review! :)

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Thanks for taking us to the flashback of your last year memories.