Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Raining, but who cares

17th hole on the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club
It was raining today and the shot with my iPhone camera came out a little out of focus... probably because I was trying to take the shot while walking in the rain to get under cover :)

I played golf today for the first time in months and really didn't mind the precipitation as it was not blowing in the wind at all.

My shots weren't all that bad off the tee and from the fairways, but my putting... well that is something else. I must have had a half dozen three-putts today.

I did hit this par 3 in one and managed a two putt for par.

A fellow I met when I was in GFStrong told me about a buddy of his who had a stroke and was a lousy putter before his stroke. He said that following his recovery, his putting improved greatly (not that he suggested having a stroke to be a positive all-round game changer). Well, my putting was not good before and is not good now.

Maybe I need a lesson!

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