Saturday, July 1, 2017

30 days

I've officially hit the 30 day point with the Isagenix products being incorporated into my meal plans. If you have been following along with my diary up to this point, you will know that I took a break for a couple of weeks to travel and so was not able to completely follow the plan for thirty straight days. From this body image you can see that I have dropped not only some weight since back in May, but also some inches. According to the measurements Judy has done for me, I have lost a total of 13.5 inches and 20.8 pounds. I am getting close to my goal weight of 185 pounds.

Golf snacks
Even though my golf game has not improved over this time 🏌I do find it easier to walk the eighteen holes and have more energy when I am finished. Part of this is due, I am sure, to the snacks I take with me along the way.

I also visited the gym for the first time in almost a year and did some upper body and balance exercises. Some of these I can do at home. I'm not committing yet to regular visits, but do expect to when we move into the fall and winter.

I'm sticking with the plan as is Judy. We will do some more travelling this summer and again will be off the program from time to time, but the philosophy of Isagenix is that this is a change for improving the content of what we take in, not a diet that needs to be rigidly adhered to.

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