Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting back to it

I'm working to get back in the game after my 2 week break for golfing and wine hunting.

Early last week, I was actually below my "start of holiday" weight, but despite being strict this past week I am up a pound. I believe some of it comes from my low activity level because I hurt my back 8 days ago and have had to give up golfing for a bit ... well not completely; the Scottish blood in me kicked in last weekend as I had prepaid for a tournament so went into it gingerly.

I played well on Saturday, but was very stiff on Sunday and had to take it easy. I did finish with the low net in my division!

In the online support group there are often messages that say it is not all about the weight and there are other important things to consider. Inches are one and I am pleased to note that I can wear some shorts for the summer I had put away last summer. For me, the more important factor is that I am finding I have some improvement - not yet as much as I would like - in my sleep and I do feel more energized throughout the day.

Great products for golf
From a product perspective, I am finding that the products I am using to support the shakes are great for golf. When I head out, I pack some to take along the way. I have even found that having a cleanse day works very well when I am golfing.

Of course, as I posted the other week on my FB page, you do need to watch for the crows as they love any kind of snacks.

So, it has been 34 days with 20 days on the program and 14 off. I've enrolled in the IsaBody challenge and have a dozen weeks left to go before my final measure-in, so, I'm into this for at least the next 12 weeks and probably longer. I want to look and feel good for the middle of October when another break comes ... two weeks on a ship in the Caribbean 😀😀😀.

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