Friday, June 9, 2017

Off task for two weeks

A week of Golf
Followed by a week of wineries

I had mentioned in an earlier blog that one of my mentors, Michael, encouraged me to get going on the Isagenix program before going on holiday rather than waiting to come home from it. I'm very glad I did as I wrote two weeks ago about my success with eating better for those days before leaving.

I spent a week in Peachland, BC and golfing in the Kelowna area for 6 days. My friends and I stayed in a fabulous B&B where the owner cooked really great breakfasts before we headed out to the golf courses. Rounds were fun and of course there was beer afterwards, though I tried to be conscious of what I ordered. I was careful with dinners as well, but it is tough :) to be with a bunch of male friends and not consume some beer and wine with dinner.

I did do a daily cleanse with a Comfort pill before bed in this week and started each day with the Ionix. There were no shakes for this week.

After the fellows left to go home, I went to Naramata to meet up with Judy and three other couples to do some winery visits, samples and purchases. Again, the daily cleanse and other products were used as well as Judy and I started each day with a shake. There was a morning hiking along the KVR and some of the closer wineries I walked to. We ate lunch at various wineries enjoying delicious meals ... again, trying to be conscious of holding down the calorie input. But the wine was taking care of that! Our dinners each day were browsing dinners with lots of veggies, but a lot of variety of cheeses and crackers and salami and ... well, you get the picture. Again, there was a good deal of wine consumed and a lot of good time with the friends we seldom see otherwise.

Today was a day to measure up the effects of the two weeks. I must say I have gained more weight per day when on a cruise ... however, I was up 6 pounds and I did gain back 4.65 inches.

Today is also the day to get back into the program and I am sure golfing, shakes, a bar, some E+, etc. will get me back on track again.

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