Monday, November 1, 2010

Not too boring chicken

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We tend to eat a fair bit of chicken and recently got a good buy on some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Tonight I thought I would give a go at a chicken roulade. To make this I took two chicken breasts and put them (one at a time) between a couple of sheets of plastic wrap and pounded them to about double the original size - not too thin.

I seasoned the side up with some fresh nutmeg, thyme, salt and pepper. I put some spinach leaves into the centre of the chicken pieces and topped the spinach with some feta cheese chunks. I rolled the chicken pieces and fastened each together with a tooth pick to keep them rolled for the cooking.

In my saute pan, I brought some olive oil up to temperature and stirred in some sliced onion, letting it get softened. Then I added the chicken portions, seasoned them with a bit more salt and pepper, and got them browned on both sides. Finally I added about 75ml of chicken stock, covered the pan and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

I removed the chicken pieces from the pan and deglazed it with another 100ml or so of chicken stock and added some milk which I had mixed with a bit of cornstarch. I also added some more feta cheese chunks and I used a bit of water to get it to the right consistency, then put the chicken back in to rewarm it.

In the beginning I had put a pot of water on to boil for noodles and about 10 minutes before the chicken was ready put on some egg noodles to cook. These would be served with the chicken.

The basic idea for this dish came from a recipe I had seen for using La Creuset cookware, though I didn't use one of their sauce pans for this.

For a side salad, I used more spinach, diced apple, crumbled bacon I had made while the chicken was cooking, and a dressing I made from unknown amounts of mayonnaise, lemon juice, lemon rind, vinegar, honey, and walnuts.

If you try this out, I hope it works for you.

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M Coleman said...

This is even more delicious than I thought looking at the original Flickr photo - love spinach & feta stuffing! Will try it - love the step-by-step directions - thanks!